Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Metaphysical Consequences of Wrong Actions

It is a consequence of the principles of physics that for every action, there will be an equal and opposite reaction and/or force applied against the original action from the opposite direction. For those that are so inclined, the principles of metaphysics act in the same manner but are generally slower to develop and materialize within the plane of thoughts and actions. The laws of metaphysics (The African Branch: emphasis mine) dictates that no individual, group, or even a nation’s government can consciously (i.e., with malice of forethought) engage in evil (war, economic and social oppression, selfishness, bigotry, discrimination, lasciviousness, and other obscene behavior) and have good (peace, harmony, righteousness, justice) to result from the evil that was engaged in. Based upon recent world events, it appears that our world leaders have forgotten that axiom or have chosen to ignore it.

In direct opposition of the laws of metaphysics is the dogma of religion. Religious dogma, especially the western flavor, presupposes that God choose a certain individual or group to speak and act in God’s name and those that don’t, won’t or cannot go along with the program are enemies of God and are subject to the “will” of God which is invariably carried out by its followers with God’s help and blessings. The vulnerability associated with religious dogma lies in the fact that he who has the biggest sword ultimately dictates what constitutes religious dogma. As such, religious dogma is subject to the whims and various ideological constructs of an ever changing social order.

We see this type of religious based drama being played out daily all over the world. The war in Iraq precipitated the Muslim insurgency which precipitated sectarian violence, which precipitated saber rattling between the leaders of Iran and America which could possibly lead to another war. Israel occupied Palestinian territory which precipitated attacks against Israel by Palestinians Muslims, which precipitated counter attacks, which precipitated saber rattling between Israel and most of the Muslim world and has Israel gearing up in preparation for war. This drama includes the murder of Iraqis by Iraqis and betwixt Arabs of different Muslim sects is a direct result of ideological differences based upon religious dogma. Here in America that drama plays out mostly within the political arena. However the result are similar in that certain individuals and groups are marginalized in an effort by religious and racially motivated dogmatists to make over America into the country they believe God wants America to be.

Western religions point towards a time of retribution and tribulation followed by a final reckoning. The violent actions and the subsequent reactions that are taking place throughout the world have many western-religious based dogmatists believing that we are now witnessing the end of the world and the forthcoming of a new and Godly world order. The only problem is that they can’t agree, even amongst their own like-minded, religious brethren on whom will God save and whom will God destroy. But instead of allowing God to make that decision, they’ve taken matters into their own hands and declared war against those individuals and nations that embrace beliefs that are in conflict with their beliefs. From a psychological perspective one could argue that individuals who embrace this type of mindset suffer from clinically defined insanity. One thing is for certain. If we continue to allow ourselves to be defined by a religion, society (as we know it) will ultimately be destroyed by it.